I can’t tell you how many times I have written this. Over and over, I have tried to reintroduce myself to the world as if the whole version of me wasn’t niche enough. I’ve struggled to compartmentalize my passions in an attempt to figure out where I fit in (in the blogging realm) and what I want to do—quite often the answer is “everything.” And who says I can’t?

Since I was young, food and art have been my favorite things. I was probably the only child in my family who didn’t mind being locked in a room alone. The room became my safe space; a place for me to be whatever I wanted to be in the moment. Some days, I was a chef, stealing ingredients from my mom’s pantry to spice up my Easy Bake Oven cakes. Other times, I was a painter or a singer. My mind and my imagination made me feel like I could literally accomplish anything.

Somewhere in adulthood, I lost that imaginative spark. That twinkle and eagerness to leave everything behind, and submerge myself in the things I love faded. This blog is a vow to find that spark again and fearlessly share it; it is my journey to the most free version of myself.

Here, you will find a mix of topics covered, but mostly food, art and travel. As I grow and build what this is meant to be, I hope you’ll join me and embark on a similar journey of your own.







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