Don’t Be A Dreamer, Be A Goal-Getter


It’s been about three weeks, since my last check in—I know, I need to post A LOT more. It’s a process.

Since I started the Live Your Light challenge, I’ve been fired up behind the scenes, mostly with research and learning. This is generally how my cycle begins. I get fired up, and come up with tons of great ideas—then, I don’t know where to start.

I get overwhelmed.

Instead of working on what’s right in front of me, and taking baby steps, my brain leaps to the finish line. I, then, grow worried that my goal is too big to accomplish.


It creeps up and becomes the toughest roadblock between me and my dreams. How do I make my goals less overwhelming and terrifying?

I understand how it feels to want something so badly, but not know where to begin—the unknown is scary. So, I began to break down my goal into smaller parts. First, I reminded myself why I started this journey, I reread my mission:

Afterwards, I created goal tracker worksheets to get myself organized. I listed my freedom goal, monthly goals, and weekly goals. It took me a few hours, but it was worth it. I also created daily checklists for myself—being able to celebrate small victories by checking off an accomplishment gives me a rush.

When I finished filling out my monthly and weekly goals, I felt like I had a solid plan. Now, to execute!

If you’d like to use the same worksheets I’m using to get yourself organized for the year, download it below!

Also, check out the new affiliate marketing program I just joined! So far, it’s been awesome. More on this to come. 🙂

Until the next check-in,


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Don’t Be A Dreamer, Be A Goal-Getter

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