DIY Apartment Balcony Remodel

When my beau and I moved to Atlanta in May 2017, we blindly chose an apartment complex, partly in good faith and partly in haste. That apartment served us well for the time being, but it wasn’t exactly “home.” I love beautiful kitchens and peaceful balconies–these are deal breakers for me. However, in our first apartment, […]


Don’t Be A Dreamer, Be A Goal-Getter

Howdy! It’s been about three weeks, since my last check in—I know, I need to post A LOT more. It’s a process. Since I started the Live Your Light challenge, I’ve been fired up behind the scenes, mostly with research and learning. This is generally how my cycle begins. I get fired up, and come […]

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Kicking Fear of Failure: Stop Fear and Design the Life of Your Dreams Now

Today, as I sat at my work desk, and gazed out the window into the courtyard, I thought about all the ways in which I’d rather spend my time: traveling, creating recipes, writing music, developing my business plan, doing yoga. The conclusion I came to (again) is that this isn’t “it” for me. A few […]

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I can’t tell you how many times I have written this. Over and over, I have tried to reintroduce myself to the world as if the whole version of me wasn’t niche enough. I’ve struggled to compartmentalize my passions in an attempt to figure out where I fit in (in the blogging realm) and what […]